Digital accessibility solutions

Comply with regulations and standards like ADA, EAA, and WCAG, build more inclusive software products, and engage an audience representing 15% of the world’s population. We have the right expertise to boost your digital accessibility initiatives.

From agile accessibility assessments uncovering key areas for improvement to comprehensive in-depth audits, our solutions integrate seamlessly into every stage of your workflow.

Leverage strategic consulting to build accessibility principles into the core of your software products, tackling industry-specific challenges and identifying business opportunities.

With over a decade of software engineering experience, our engineers can optimize your technology to meet specific accessibility requirements or build custom solutions from scratch.

The UI/UX experts of AgileEngine will provide you with guidance on animations, effects, multimedia, controls, fonts, colors, layouts, and other design elements affecting accessibility.

From testing web and mobile apps for compliance with WCAG and other standards to custom testing solutions, our experts provide comprehensive support for your accessibility journey.

Accesibility solutions

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Embrace accessibility-centric design, development,
and QA strategies with enhanced speed and efficiency

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30+ million users

The potential impact of our solutions scales to millions

Fortune 500

We’ve delivered accessibility solutions to Fortune 500 brands

Up to 3x higher ROI

The ROI seen by our clients is up to triple that of in-house teams

Accessibility solutions for a platform with 200+ million users

Featured case study

Accessibility has been central to our work with one of the world’s highest-traffic employment websites used by more than 200 million people. Our impact ranges from the development of accessibility components and extensions to design, accessibility testing, and compliance audit. The improvements delivered by our experts cover keyboard-only navigation, semantic HTML, form and image accessibility, contrast, color choices, and more.

Key deliverables



Optimization of the client’s apps for keyboard-only navigation and implementation of clear and visible focus indicators

Form Accessibility

Proper grouping and labels for all form elements

Testing with assistive technologies

The application has been tested with technologies like screen readers and voice commands to identify and address any accessibility issues

Contrast and color choices

Redesign improving application accessibility

Semantic HTML

Site optimization focusing on content structure and meaning

Image optimization

Alt text making image descriptions accessible to users with visual impairments

Multimedia content evaluation

Media players tested to include captions, audio descriptions, transcripts, or sign language interpretation

Zoom and responsive design

Full functionality maintained at 200% zoom

Our process


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to digital accessibility. Our experts will evaluate your accessibility posture, business goals, and industry challenges to determine optimal strategies for moving forward


AgileEngine engages certified software and UX1000+ software engineers, designers, QA, and data experts across 10+ global locations. Together, we will determine optimal specialization, expertise, locations, and other factors impacting your future remote team.


Whether it’s accessibility testing, design, or the development of custom accessibility tools and features, you get full transparency into the process. We love proving ourselves via deliverables!


Post-release support includes monitoring, optimizations, and modernizations weaved into your greater software and product strategy. Our experts offer a highly efficient way for ensuring that the delivered solutions stay up to date and up to the highest standards.

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