AjaxSwing 4.2.0 released

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AjaxSwing is a web platform created by AgileEngine software development company. It allows tech companies that built Java desktop applications to run them as web applications.

We are happy to announce the latest release of AjaxSwing.

What’s new

  • Added compatibility with Oracle JDK 1.7.0_40
  • Updated jQuery to 1.10.2, jQuery UI to 1.10.3
  • Server side file browsing (save & open).
  • Application menu highlight
  • Emulate actionPerformed in JTextField only if it hasn’t occurred yet.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

About AgileEngine

We are a software development company headquartered in Washington, DC with development centers in Eastern Europe and Argentina. As an offshore outsourcing company, we build teams of dedicated programmers for top tech companies and ambitious startups. Since 2000 we’ve been successfully using Lean and Agile development methodologies to turn ideas into software that people love. 100% client retention rate is our main credit! If you have any questions regarding agile offshore software development – please contact us!

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