AI and data solutions for a premium TV network

A premium US television network reaching 28 million American households works with AgileEngine on business-critical artificial intelligence and data systems. Our Data Studio experts modernized the company’s data pipelines, introducing automation and standardization to core data engineering workflows. Thanks to our AI team, the company enhanced the precision of its business analytics with predictive tools based on machine learning.

AI-powered AdTech trusted by Microsoft, Verizon, and Toyota

A programmatic advertising SaaS trusted by AdAge 100 brands like Microsoft, Audible, and Verizon engages AgileEngine in modernizing its technology platform and product. The solutions introduced by our team are integral to business-critical functionality like campaign audit, analytics, and optimization. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and engineering approaches, our experts re-architected the company’s main API and web apps and developed new AI solutions powering campaign analytics.

QA for a cybersecurity platform featured by NBC and CRN

Our client is America’s premier market-centric cybersecurity accelerator featured by The Washington Post, NBC, and CRN and recognized as an Oracle Partner Network Silver-level member. The company automates cybersecurity and compliance workflows via a powerful incident response platform. Our QA/AQA experts help ensure that this platform and our client’s other digital products meet and exceed the high- quality standards of the cybersecurity industry.

Modern UX/UI for a fast-growing HR screening platform

Ranking among the fastest-growing US businesses featured on the Inc. 5000 list, Verified First improves hiring outcomes for enterprises. The company’s SaaS platform provides convenient access to thousands of drug screening facilities, minimizes paperwork, and speeds up background verification. Our team introduced strategic improvements to the UX/UI of this platform, making it more modern and intuitive.

AgriTech platform featured by the World Economic Forum

An AgriTech platform featured by the World Economic Forum engages AgileEngine across a wide range of web and mobile applications. The solutions developed by our team transform farming with IoT, AI, and data functionality like satellite imagery, soil analysis, and resources management.

Enhancing the flagship product of the most-funded startup in France

The most-funded startup in France engaged our nearshore software engineers to extend its runway while scaling and modernizing its core digital platform. Our collaboration with the company exceeded the traditional remote team extension model. While working with the startup, our full-stack engineers introduced architecture-level improvements and business-critical features fueling its expansion to new geos and a new business model.

Revamping the apps of an Emmy-winning media brand

Funny Or Die needs no introduction. The company’s off-the-wall comedy videos and feature films have won prestigious awards, including Emmy, Clio, the Golden Lion, and the Webby Awards. Funny Or Die engaged AgileEngine as an engineering consultancy to redesign its flagship app and develop several standalone web and Android solutions.

FX management solution trusted by L’Occitane and Besins Healthcare

Kantox provides FX management solutions to 5,000+ clients, including brands like L’Occitane and BNP Paribas. A considerable part of this user base has been won over thanks to the client-facing solutions developed by AgileEngine. Our remote experts have helped extend the company’s engineering capabilities, improving its solutions for international payments, currency exposure management, and FX transaction automation.

Digital media solutions for a Webbys winner

AgileEngine is a trusted technology partner of a media giant with 120M+ monthly engagements, 22M+ Instagram followers, and 17M+ X subscribers. Our team has built tools that support and optimize the company’s website, streamlining content delivery and ensuring a superb user experience.

Omnichannel MarTech for an e-commerce giant

A digital marketplace offering daily deals on goods, services, and activities across 48 countries engaged AgileEngine to create business-critical enterprise solutions. Our full-stack development and data experts built an A/B testing system enabling our client’s marketers to reach 87+ million customers across the web and mobile.