AgriTech platform featured by the World Economic Forum

An AgriTech platform featured by the World Economic Forum engages AgileEngine across a wide range of web and mobile applications. The solutions developed by our team transform farming with IoT, AI, and data functionality like satellite imagery, soil analysis, and resources management.

Project overview: smart tech for sustainable, data-driven agriculture

Our experts contributed to the product engineering and QA workstreams, driving app development, vehicle tracking, data visualization, localization, and testing automation. The client reported significant growth in engineering productivity thanks to engaging AgileEngine, an improvement which enabled the company to ship mission-critical solutions faster, strengthening its market positions.

Key deliverables


Project highlights


Agriculture technology (AgriTech), Digital agriculture, Big data, Analytics


Mobile application, Web application, Farm management, Data visualization, CI/CD, Cloud, B2B application


Mobile development, UI development, QA, and software testing


TypeScript, React.js, Node.js, React Native, React-router, Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux-Persist, Google Maps API, Three.js, MapBox, Leaflet, Realm, Firebase, Jest, Git, Python, Django, MySQL