AI and data solutions for a premium TV network

A premium US television network reaching 28 million American households works with AgileEngine on business-critical artificial intelligence and data systems. Our Data Studio experts modernized the company’s data pipelines, introducing automation and standardization to core data engineering workflows. Thanks to our AI team, the company enhanced the precision of its business analytics with predictive tools based on machine learning.

AI solutions overview AI-driven churn detection

AgileEngine’s AI Studio took full ownership of the development of our client’s churn detection tool based on gradient boosting. The tool allows product team experts to precisely define user cohorts based on the probability of the users leaving the platform. Leveraging highly scalable cloud solutions, this tool helped our client’s marketing team to move away from previously used heuristics and assumptions, maximizing precision.

Key deliverables


Data pipeline modernization

Our Data Studio experts’ work had a profound impact on the engineering workflows related to our client’s migration to a new technology stack. The version control and a standardized process introduced by our team streamlined the client’s data engineering pipelines, eliminating manual tasks and speeding up the detection and resolution of issues. With smarter automation in place, the company has seen significant improvements in data engineering speed and solutions reliability.

Key deliverables


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Digital media, Entertainment, Subscription


AI, Predictive analytics, Churn prediction, Data pipelines


Data engineering, AI engineering


Python, SQL, AWS Sagemaker, AWS Batch, AWS ECS, AWS EMR, XGBoost, Bash, Airflow, Snowflake, Tableau