Purchase intelligence fueling brands like PNC Bank, Chase, and Fiserv

A fintech SaaS providing purchase intelligence to 1500+ financial institutions like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase leverages our custom-built digital solutions. The company engages AgileEngine to quickly add engineering capabilities, enhance web and mobile experiences, and build highly scalable data solutions.

Project overview: from UX/UI modernization to API development and data analytics

The software developed by our team has had a 360-degree positive impact on the client's customer-facing apps. Thanks to our work, the company accelerated the onboarding of new banking institutions and modernized its campaign management and data visualization functionality. The custom data infrastructure developed by our team brings more of our client's analytics to the cloud, boosting precision, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Key deliverables


Data solutions scaling beyond 170 million customers

One of the projects’ key focus areas is building batch and streaming data pipelines and data synchronization systems underlying the client’s purchase intelligence services. Based on the Apache platform, AWS, and functional Scala code, these solutions enable omnichannel data-driven purchase intelligence at a scale exceeding 170 million customers.

Key deliverables


Lean UX consultancy and UI solutions

Our Design Studio enabled the client to improve UX across key client-facing properties, creating more intuitive and modern web and mobile apps. Following Lean UX, our design team conducted a comprehensive suite of UX research activities to ensure optimal design outcomes.

Key deliverables

Outcomes and highlights


Fintech, Financial Services, Advertising, Banking


Data visualization, Data pipelines, UI architecture, B2B application


Full-stack development, UX/UI design, Mobile development, Data engineering


Kotlin, Swift, Vue.js, Vuex, .NET, .NET Core, Web API, REST, Kafka, Apache Spark, SQL, Node.js, AWS, Lambdas, API Gateway, S3, SQS Queues, Scala, Delta Lake, Yellow Brick, Teradata