Digital media solutions for a Webbys winner

AgileEngine is a trusted technology partner of a media giant with 120M+ monthly engagements, 22M+ Instagram followers, and 17M+ X subscribers. Our team has built tools that support and optimize the company's website, streamlining content delivery and ensuring a superb user experience.

Project overview: Main website support and optimization

As one of the fastest-growing sports publishers, the company needs to maintain a strong presence across digital channels. Our full-stack development experts converted the client’s content to mobile formats for AMP, Facebook Instant Articles, and Apple News. The resulting solution ensured load times of less than 1 second on mobile, significantly enhancing the user experience. Our team also developed a data aggregation service with a modern UI, enabling scheduling and customization of data flow for marketing experiments, data extraction, and synchronization. Additionally, our experts built the administration tools supporting the main website.

Key deliverables


Outcomes and highlights


Digital media, Entertainment


Administration tool, Data aggregation, Enterprise application, Integration


Full-stack development, UI development, Backend development, Mobile development


JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, Redis, RabbitMQ