Enhancing the flagship product of the most-funded startup in France

The most-funded startup in France engaged our nearshore software engineers to extend its runway while scaling and modernizing its core digital platform. Our collaboration with the company exceeded the traditional remote team extension model. While working with the startup, our full-stack engineers introduced architecture-level improvements and business-critical features fueling its expansion to new geos and a new business model.

Project overview: rapid food delivery at a massive scale

The solution our experts worked on caters to foodies and fans of healthy food with a platform enabling fast delivery of affordable meals. AgileEngine created a high-load delivery system connecting this platform to thousands of restaurants in France and the EU. This system enables order processing and distribution, calculates optimal delivery routes, and suggests personalized product offers based on user history and preferences.

Key deliverables


Highlights and outcomes


Delivery, E-commerce, Food delivery, Same day delivery, Logistics


Enterprise application, Web application, B2B application, Dashboard, Cloud, Personalization, Product recommendations


Full-stack development, UI development, CI/CD


Node.js, Koa.js, React.js, Redux, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, Docker, Jenkins