Food delivery solutions scaling to 4 million daily orders

The mobile and enterprise applications delivered by AgileEngine are integral to the growth strategy of a multinational food delivery network listed on Fortune 500 Europe. Our engineering and UX/UI experts played a key role in the architecture and development of a mobile app acquired by the network. Post-acquisition, our team focused on the development of internal tools streamlining the company’s marketing efforts.

Project overview: API and application development

The client engaged AgileEngine to add new features and ensure support for a wide range of web and mobile solutions. Our experts built the API, scheduling functionality, and a mobile-friendly single-page web app powering the company’s core services. Further on, our engineering and design experts focused on internal mobile and web applications enabling the management of campaigns run by external promotion agencies.

Key deliverables


Streamlining promotional campaigns across 70+ countries

The internal tool built by our full-stack development experts from the ground up streamlines our clients’ collaboration with external promotion agencies. Designed to work internationally, the solution supports an extremely wide array of data formats, allowing the client to engage agencies across 70+ countries.

Key deliverables


Outcomes and highlights


Delivery, E-commerce, Food Delivery, Same Day Delivery


Mobile app, UI architecture, Web app, Mobile app, Enterprise solution, API


Full-stack development, UI/UX design


ava, Python, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Angular, React Native, Redux, CocoaPods, React-native-maps, Background-geolocation, React-navigation, HockeyApp, PostgreSQL, Google Geocoding, Lodash