FX management solution trusted by L’Occitane and Besins Healthcare

Kantox provides FX management solutions to 5,000+ clients, including brands like L’Occitane and BNP Paribas. A considerable part of this user base has been won over thanks to the client-facing solutions developed by AgileEngine. Our remote experts have helped extend the company’s engineering capabilities, improving its solutions for international payments, currency exposure management, and FX transaction automation.

Migration to a modern single-page application

Kantox has chosen AgileEngine as its technology partner to enrich its development capabilities with the right tech expertise and enhance its key solutions. With our expert assistance, the company migrated its platform to a new technology stack, improved the UI architecture of its flagship product, and streamlined its front-end development process.

Key deliverables


Outcomes and highlights


Fintech, Enterprise software, Financial services, Payments, Foreign exchange (FX)


Enterprise application, Web application, UI architecture


UI development


Backbone.js, Grunt, Webpack, CoffeeScript, PatternLab, BEM, Node.js, Ember.js, HTML5, CSS, Haml