Omnichannel MarTech for an e-commerce giant

A digital marketplace offering daily deals on goods, services, and activities across 48 countries engaged AgileEngine to create business-critical enterprise solutions. Our full-stack development and data experts built an A/B testing system enabling our client’s marketers to reach 87+ million customers across the web and mobile.

Project overview: A/B testing at a scale of 87 million e-shoppers

We designed the system in close collaboration with the client’s internal team, using RESTful principles and micro­services to ensure scalability, maintainability, and performance. Our experts delivered the solutions following test-driven development, SCRUM, and continuous integration to establish and maintain an effective, frictionless product development process.

Key deliverables


Outcomes and highlights


E-commerce, Advertising, Digital marketplace, Marketing


Enterprise solution, API, Data pipelines


Full-stack development, Software testing, QA automation


Java, Scala, Ruby, HTML5, Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript, Apache Hive, Sinatra, Scala, Kafka, Gatling, SBT