Product and AQA solutions for a leader in cloud computing

A household name in cloud computing with an impressive network of 75,000 partners, VMware trusts AgileEngine with flagship products and mission-critical internal tools. Our AQA experts ensured 90%+ testing coverage for the company’s key solutions while our full-stack engineers modernized the UI architecture and feature set of VMware products.

Project overview: UI architecture, AQA, and feature development

AgileEngine has been a strategic vendor modernizing the UI and developing customer dashboards, data visualization, and cloud infrastructure for a product acquired by VMware. Post-acquisition, VMware expanded our full-stack development, testing automation, and CI/CD footprint to encompass more products and enterprise apps. Our experts also owned strategic technology migrations, future-proofing our client’s technology platform.

Key deliverables


QA and testing automation focus

Our QA/AQA deliverables cover multiple client-facing and enterprise solutions enabling cloud orchestration, cloud web security, and edge network intelligence. From testing automation and CI/CD to custom solutions — the AgileEngine team ensured healthy releases, speeding up our client’s time-to-market.

Key deliverables


UI development focus

The AgileEngine team migrated the company’s products to a new UI technology stack and architecture, making them more modular and flexible. Following the migration, our experts have been driving the development of new features while coordinating their efforts with the company’s internal engineering teams.

Key deliverables

Client review

"Agile Engine has been a wonderful company and people to work with. Their coding skills are excellent, beyond that of any other contracting group I’ve worked with. They are diligent about ensuring every feature is tested and verified before it enters the product, even when it is not their code under the microscope."

Outcomes and highlights


Cloud computing, Virtualization, Cloud infrastructure, Cloud management, Cloud security, Enterprise software, Hybrid work


UI architecture, B2B application, Web app, Mobile app, Data visualization, Testing automation


Full-stack development, UI development, QA/AQA, Software testing


JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Axios, Clarity, Nx, CanJS, JQuery, PrimeNG, Lodash, Protractor, Selenium, Jest, Jasmine, Karma, Python, Pytest, Jenkins, TestRail, Appium, SCSS, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Redis, Docker, AWS, Terraform, Runway