UI and DevOps solutions powering data-driven e-commerce

An omnichannel retail company with 5 million subscribers, TechStyle Fashion Group is renowned for its collaborations with A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Kate Hudson. What really sets TechStyle apart, though, is its end-to-end technology platform, which enables the rapid creation of online brands based on market data. Our experts modernized this platform, making it much more scalable and versatile.

Project overview: 360-degree solutions for digital commerce

AgileEngine's work with TechStyle began with the creation of a web application for a novel fashion brand. We've implemented the solution along with a UI component library reusable across our client's existing and future projects. Our engineers also integrated the company's app with third-party services, streamlining the checkout experience. AgileEngine also significantly enhanced TechStyle's operations by improving its DevOps solutions and enterprise software. We developed a suite of codeless tools scaling our client's marketing and customer support operations globally.

Key deliverables


Future-ready UI rearchitecture

Our experts revamped the UI systems of TechStyle by decoupling them from the existing monolithic architecture. This allowed us to accelerate platform development, delivering critical solutions under tight deadlines. The more modular UI architecture has also enabled the client’s internal team to build, improve, test new products and features at a much faster pace.

Key deliverables


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E-commerce, Retail, Fashion, Lifestyle


UI architecture, Web application


UI development, Full-stack development, UX/UI design, DevOps


React, Redux, Next.js, Styled Components, Jest, Bitbucket, Git Hooks, Jenkins, Prettier, ESLint