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Guide business decisions with highly accurate, granular forecasts of global-scale disruptions, market trends, operational risks, customer demand, user churn, and more.

Leverage deep learning to eliminate fraud across a wide range of industry-specific solutions, from finance to Web 3.0, HealthTech, digital advertising, e-commerce, and telecommunications.

Virtual agents and chatbots, electronic discovery, or recommendation engines — our NLP solutions bring human-like intelligence to your digital products.

Automatically classify text, images, audio, and videos, generate metadata, uncover insights, and analyze content for marketing, UX, and other purposes.

Integrate large language models and tailor generative AI to your data, business goals, and product strategy. Our experience with highly scalable and secure cloud-native solutions will help accelerate your AI transformation.

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Integrate AI/ML APIs into your software

Embrace a lean strategy for adding AI functionality to your products

Customize third-party AI with proprietary data

Build highly customized enterprise tools supercharged by AI

Train custom AI/ML models

Create proprietary ML models and harness the full potential of AI

Our process

AI strategy and architecture
We study your data, AI, and ML infrastructure, strategy, and challenges to recommend optimal solution architecture and technology.
Solutions estimation and roadmapping
Our team provides you with range estimates, and together, we agree on key milestones and the resources needed to achieve them.
AI solution design and development
Delivery takes the form of agile sprints, and you always get 100% transparency regarding team performance and solutions status.
Solution support, monitoring, and enhancement
Our AI/ML and data systems get the necessary monitoring solutions to prevent model drift and ensure best-in-class reliability.

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