AI-driven supply chain analytics leveraged by Fortune 500 brands

One of AgileEngine’s longest-running projects involves the strategic development of a predictive supply chain analytics platform trusted by clients like Dell, Gap, Cisco, and Johnson & Johnson. Our team played a major role in bringing the platform from a prototype to a patented AI/ML product top-listed by Gartner.

Project overview: predictive IoT analytics at scale

The product that AgileEngine has been helping build and continually improve for nearly a decade packs impressive analytics capabilities. The platform gathers information from vehicle sensors, ports, weather stations, and satellites, processing 100,000+ IoT events per hour. Our work on this platform covers IoT data streaming architecture, full-stack application development, UX/UI design, software testing, and database optimizations.

Key deliverables


Global supply chain analytics powered by AI/ML

Our client’s platform leverages patented technology backed by machine learning to analyze trillions of IoT events. This information is distilled into insights that enable companies to mitigate supply chain risks, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer service. Our engineers have helped develop performant and reliable data solutions enabling this functionality.

Key deliverables


UX/UI solutions and customizations for Fortune 500 clients

The work of our UI/UX experts has shaped the look and feel of the product and its feature-rich dashboards, data visualizations, and interactive maps. The client has also been leveraging our design expertise to tailor its functionality and UX to individual high-profile clients and unique use cases.

Key deliverables

Outcomes and highlights


Analytics, Big Data, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of things, Supply chain, Logistics


Data visualization, Data pipelines, UI architecture, B2B application, Web application


Full-stack development, UI/UX design, Data engineering, Prototyping


Java, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Maven, Amazon AWS, Angular 8, Docker, Kafka, Ansible, ELK stack, Apache Superset